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You know that having a website is extremely important to promote your business or organization. What other facts do you know about websites? The average person does not know what elements are involved in creating a great website. Having a great website is far more than choosing its color and images.

Every visual detail of your website is important. The layout, fonts, words, images, and colors should be carefully planned. Your website must create a good user experience for your website visitors. This will also help them to fall in love with what you are promoting.

The non-visual elements of your website are just as important as the visual details. They are transparent to the website visitor, but affects the interaction between your website and your website visitor. How long does it take for your web pages to download? Is your navigation accessible and carefully planned? If these elements are not as expected, your visitor becomes frustrated and will leave your website.

All the details that make up your website are now even more detailed with the emergence of responsive websites. Will your website be as appealing and functional on a mobile device as it is on a desk top computer?

You need Web Solution Group (WSG), a Professional Website Designer and Developer. WSG has the knowledge and experience needed to give your website what it needs.

The following are a few of the important elements, that will help give your website what it needs.

Website Content
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Website Content

High quality, up to date, and relevant content is critical for the success of your website.
It is the key in keeping visitors and to obtain a high SEO ranking.

Website Design
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Website Design

Website design is important, because it impacts how your audience perceives your brand.

User Experience
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User Experience

Your website will succeed or fail based on how easy it is to use and how useful it is to your website visitors.

There are many elements involved and work together to create a website that has what it takes. Knowing what the elements are and how to use each element is the key to success. All elements are equally important and each element requires planning to create the best solution.

At Your Service

Web Solution Group goes further than just creating your website. We carefully plan each step of the Design and Developement process providing the services neccessary to give your website what it takes to succeed. From the colors, fonts, navigation, user interaction, dynamic and static website content, Web Solution Group will give you a creative and unique solution for your website.

It does not matter if your project is a new website with linked pages, a one page website, a website redesign, or a website update each project is given equal attention.

Website Design

web design

Web Solution Group will keep your website visitors on your website.

Web design is important because it impacts how your audience perceives your brand. The impression you make on them can either get them to remain on your website and learn about your business or leave your website and search for a competitor.

Having a well designed website helps to build trust. When visitors trust you, they are more likely to trust in what you are promoting.

Some important elements in website design:

Well-Formatted Content:
- Users will want to engage with your website.
Fast Load Times:
- Users don't wait long for your web page to display.
Effective Navigation:
- easy for Users to find what they are looking for.
- all pages including the navigation have the same format throughout your website.
Typography & Readability:
- follows the rules for using fonts and color.
Color palette and Imagery:
- a good color scheme and knows what size and format to use for images.
Good Coding Practices:
- use and knowledge of the latest versions of HTML and CSS.

Website Content

web design

Web Solution Group provides content strategy: effective and in-depth planning, development, and content management.

High quality, up to date, and relevant content is critical for the success of your website to retain visitors and to obtain a high Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ranking.

Who is your targeted audience? It is important that your website will speak their language, while you educate them about your products, process, and services. Making your website content relevant to the interests and needs of your target audience will enable you to answer their questions, educate and market what you are promoting. Your website content can include static, dynamic, and media content.

SEO content is any content created with the goal of attracting search engine traffic.

Your content will be optimized for search engines as well as website visitors. With a solid content strategy, each piece of your content will have a specific purpose and audience.

A Content Management System can be provided for up to date and dynamic website content.

User Experience

web design

Web Solution Group creates good User Experiences.

Your website succeeds or fails based on how easy it is to use and how useful it is to your website visitors.

Two design concepts are used to satisfy the website visitor: User experience (UX) and User Interface (UI).

UX involves the interaction the User has to complete to solve a problem. What does your website User have to do to find information or to complete a form? You will want this experience to be as easy as possible for your website visitor.

UI refers to all the visual and interactive elements of your website. The color and shape of the buttons to click, the design of the form to complete. All design elements fix into this category. You will want this experience to be as pleasant as possible for your website visitor.

Development Tools

development tools

Web Solution Group know what Development Tools to use and how to use them to give your website what it takes.

Web development tools and resources can help a developer be more productive, stay informed and become a better developer.

The developer must know what tools to use and how to use them. All development tools require the knowledge of a programming language to communicate with the computer and to create programs that control its behavior. Some programming languages are not always referred to as a language, but knowing its rules and syntax are required to complete the desired task. For instance, to give your website the appearance you want, CSS is required. If your website requires dynamic data, SQL is required.

Every web developer has encountered problems with programming code. Knowing where to find the answers and knowing the technical language are the tools needed to resolve the programming problems.

Responsive Website Design

responsive design

Web Soltion Group is well-versed in Responsive design.

Responsive Web Design concept suggests that design and development should respond to the user’s behavior and environment based on their screen size, platform and orientation.

Meaning. the website should have the technology to automatically respond to the user’s device. This eliminates the need for a different design and development for desk top computers, mobile phones, and tablets.

Responsive web designing is different from traditional designing in terms of technical and creative issues. Designing a page layout that the images and the text will scale perfectly on different screen sizes is no small task. As with most web design concepts, there is more than one way to reach the desired results. Knowing the pros and cons of each method is best for developing the desired and reliable website.

Programming Code


Web Solution Group has the programming knowledge and experience to give your website what it takes.

Extensive programming code knowledge is needed to create everything that is needed for a custom website. Everything that is needed for your custom website is dependent on the programming code written for your website: the website’s layout, colors, fonts, response to the website visitor, and the website’s functionality.

Will your website display and respond as expected at all times? Will your website contain errors? In order for your website to display and respond as expected at all times, the code to do so must be correct. If your code is written correctly, the website will not contain errors and will respond correctly.

There are many types of web programming languages, WSG knows which programming language to use. Some deciding factors are: Does the programming language require a specific platform? Will the code resolve the issues that may occur? Is the programming language flexible enough to add more programs and how is its overall performance?

WSG will test your website to ensure the expected results are received at all times, and the website is error free.

Database Technology

DataBase Design

Web Solution Group will create the Database for your dynamic website data.

Dynamic data changes as new data becomes available. If your website has a need for dynamic data processing, WSG will create a Content Management System (CSM). A CMS is possible through the use of database technology. The CMS gives the website owner the ability to add, delete, and update the website data. The data is stored in the database. When a website visitor visits the dynamic webpage, the updated data is retrieved from the database and displayed on the webpage.

The dynamic webpage will have the same design as the other webpages in the website.

Some advantages of having a CMS: The data on your website will be up to date. The website owner will have the ability to update the data, saving time and money to pay for updates.



Web Solution Group Trains our Clients.

WSG will train our Clients on all features of their website. If the website has a CMS (Content Management System), we will train how to access the CMS, and how to complete the forms to update the data on the database. We will also train how to access, use, and create emails for their domain.

If the client is interested, we will also explain what website functionality is used and why.

Let's Talk

During our conversation, you will tell us all about the website you want. We will ask you more questions and at the end of our conversation you and WSG will know the needs for your website and how to use the website elements to fullfil your needs.

Do you want a responsive website? A website that can be viewed on any device the website visitor is using? If yes, the Design and Development elements are very important for a responsive website.

What will your website promote? What audience do you want your website to attract? Answers to the questions will have a greater influence on your website's Design elements.

What type of content will be available on the website? Static, dynamic, pictures, video, or will all content types be available on your website? How will your content be supplied for your website? Will you supply the content, will the content come from a third party, or both? Will you need a CMS for data updates? If yes, you will need a database to store the dynamic data. The audience you want to attract and what your website will promote will be helpful in deciding your content.

What type of website functionality do you want available on your website? Do you want the website visitor to complete form(s) on your website? What response do you want from the website visitor when the visitor clicks a button on your website? The Programming, Design, Development, and User Experience elements are used to interact with the website visitor. Complete a website form example: Design the form's layout. Development will be used to decide what form elements to use to acquire the needed data from the website visitor. Programming is used to recieve and to process the form data. The goal is to have everything to work smoothly, giving the website visitor a good experience completing the website form.

Do you want your website to have some unique elements? Website Development Tools and Resources are available to help create unique website experiences.

At the completion of your website, you will be able to maintain a Content Management System, maintain your emails, and answer any questions anyone may have about your website's functionality. The training element will prepare you to maintain what is needed and to be knowledgeable of the workings of your website.

Our conversation plus strategic planning of the website elements, will result in your website and you having everything it takes to be successful.

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